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As Naperville dentists go, Dr. Chiann Gibson is one of the best. Her practice, Smiles by Dr. Gibson, is located downtown in The Main St. Promenade building, and is convenient to Chicago, Aurora and the western suburbs surrounding Naperville. Dentists and patients have come to respect Dr. Gibson as a leader in the field of general and cosmetic dentistry. She is often a guest speaker at dental association events nationwide and is a published author, having previously written her own column for the Naperville Sun Times newspaper. Dr. Gibson is an Accredited Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), an honor awarded only to a selected few. She is one of only 12 dentists in the state of illinois to achieve the level of Accredited Member and the ONLY female.

So what exactly makes Dr. Chiann Gibson stand out from other Naperville dentists? Many of her patients say that it’s her dedication to making their dental appointments as stress-free as possible. Dr. Gibson and her staff have put a great deal of personal effort into ensuring that their Naperville dentists’ office is a soothing environment from the very first time patients enter. Putting patients at ease is one of Dr. Gibson’s main concerns. In fact, the Naperville dentists’ practice at Smiles by Dr. Gibson has found a way to make the dental experience feel almost like a day at the spa. Set apart from other Naperville dentists, Smiles by Dr. Gibson and Associates offers warm, fresh bread, blankets, neck pillows – even paraffin hand wax treatments to help put patients in a relaxed state. Dr. Gibson is one of the very few Naperville dentists who pay such extreme attention to detail.

The Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson and Associates offer a full range of services including cosmetic, family, and laser dentistry, dental bonding, full mouth reconstruction, and orthopedic devices such as Invisalign.  Additionally, Smiles By Dr. Gibson works to alleviate migraine headaches with customized TMJ treatments. They make a point to establish a relationship with each and every patient to come up with a comfortable dental plan of action based on the individual’s need.  Dr. Gibson and the staff at Smiles by Dr. Gibson are Naperville dentists who consider patients one big extended family.

Dr. Chiann Gibson has many accolades that make her stand out from other Naperville dentists, but perhaps none so unique as her appointment by Donald Trump as the official dentist to the Miss Universe, Miss Teen USA, and Miss USA Pageants. Mr. Trump calls her a credit to the profession and notes that Dr. Gibson is certainly a role model for young women. In fact, Dr. Chiann Gibson overcame adversity and language barriers on her way to becoming one of the leading Naperville dentists. [For more information about Dr. Gibson, please visit]

It is easy to see why Dr. Gibson is consistently ranked one of the top Naperville dentists. She is warm, friendly, and kind, but she is also a skilled master of her trade and she is honest and up front with her patients from the beginning. Dr. Gibson is proud to be one of many great Naperville dentists, but even more grateful that she can use her own personal experience with orthodontia to enrich the lives of her patients. Dr. Gibson herself had braces and went on to become Mrs. United States, so she understands the emotional impact that a beautiful smile can have. This gives her a distinct advantage over other Naperville dentists as it makes her vocation very personal to her.

Together, Dr. Chiann Gibson works hand in hand with a dedicated staff of dental professionals to offer the most comprehensive services available to residents of the greater Chicago area. Dr. Gibson resides near Naperville, IL with her husband and their son. For more information, visit

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